making music


I'm shane null

this is my blog for making music

this is me on guitar and my son on flute

here is a really good way to learn to make music

you can create basic tracks with drums, bass, melody, etc.

you can save your file and later if you learn to use more complex software you can import that file

you can start making music with common objects

just use your voice, hands or grab some household objects and make noise

later you can get actual instruments

you can make electronic music on your phone, tablet or laptop

there are many youtube videos teaching how to do this, I started doing that in 2022

before 2022 I was using bitwig software for a few years

before that I used ableton with the ableton push 2

before that I tinkered with modular eurorack synths

in high school I played guitar and bass in a rock band

I try to stay outside when the weather is nice, so usually make music inside during the winter and January, Jamuary is a challenge for music makers to upload a song a day even if it sucks

I've done 2 years of jamuary, made an album about buddhist deities, one for meditation, and over 100 music sketches uploaded mainly to youtube

I made this quick video on my couch, had no idea it would get 25k views lol

this site is because was taken

eurorack is the name of a type of modular synthesizer

you can design your own sounds and instruments using eurorack modules

typically you start with an oscillator, then run it through a filter or other effects, then an amplifier, then you use an envelope to adjust the amplifier volume up and down like pressing keys on a keyboard

the nerdy way to say it is like this, vc stands for voltage controlled

vco -> vcf -> vca <- envelope

o is oscillator, f is filter, a is amplifier, an envelope typically has adjustments for attack and release